I frequent estate sales and occassionally purchase knife blocks loaded with knives to resell on ebay! 

Last week I stumbled on what I call the MUHGILLAH knife block (I call it MUHGILLAH because of the large quantity of knives it can hold!)

Recucle hunting knives holder
 upcycle kitchen knife blockknife block hunting knivesAs I was photographing this knife block, the thought suddenly jumped out recycle this knife block into a fixed blade hunting knife holder!! In case you don't already know

storing your vintage hunting knives in the leather sheath makes the knife blade rusty.  The leather contains moisture which overtime, cause rusting and pitting, and thus what a perfect

way to store you hunting knives……in a kitchen knife block.

I did indeed list this muhgillah knife block for sale on ebay, but I upcycled another knife block and it currently is holding my fixed blade hunting knives.

See pics below! 

hunting knife storage knife block hunting hnives holder no sheath 


Now you know how to keep your vintage hunting knives from rusting!

Steel Sahlue!


P.S. – The huge knife block is currently for sale on ebay…..I will trade or sell: